Nerd News: The Forever Purge Trailer Reaction

You know me, when it comes to films I do sometimes come a bit late to the party, but I arrive nevertheless, so let’s get down to business. I love the Purge! I think the movie series is brilliant pretty much from start to finish and the first streaming series was a really nice way to expand the universe… The second season not so much and I’m not surprised that it got cancelled after that one. Although this film does seem to sort of pick up from that series and looks to take that idea and do with it what that series should have done rather than constantly stretching it out.

This would happen if the Purge was real, of course it would! If all crime were legal, would people really think, ah ha the 10 second count down is over, the siren has sounded, let’s stop the killing immediately, shake hands and walk away? Hell no! There would be absolute maniacs (let’s face it all the people who purge are maniacs) who would want that holiday for psychopaths to continue indefinitely… Cue the Forever Purge.

A group of masked radicals have decided that 1 night is not enough and continue the killing during the next morning and it looks like they even had some inspiration from Jig Saw to kick things off… That goat trap in the trailer is a nice touch!

It looks like what they have done is found a way to again make an excuse for stuffing even more stylized murder in to a movie, and I for one have no problem with that what so ever! It is what I love about these films, they are pure escapism from not just modern life, but social life and basic humanity as well – why not live in the mind of a psychopath for 90 minutes / an hour?

One thing which you notice immediately is that of course we now have the addition of light!

Weird seeing the purge during the day!

However it does mean that the costumes need to be even better rather than just relying on dark masks and led lights, to make these purgers look cool – and let’s face it besides the incredible violence, what the Purge is so well known for is cool looking criminals. These masks look incredible, especially that skull one and I have to say that seeing everything in a nice light setting actually makes the film look a little more high budget – it’s crisp and clean… Although saying that it does actually have a MUCH higher budget than the others had at $25.8 million, it’s basically twice as expensive as the next most expensive installment which was the First Purge which set them back $13 million. It will be interesting to see how they cope with this new challenge – as I said, the darkness has its own challenges but it is certainly more forgiving to flaws.

Also a bit weird to see that this revolution is starting on a farm! I’m guessing there’s some sort of personal reason for the gang behind that and that this isn’t just a political take over.

I for one think this looks brilliant and can’t wait to see the full movie, which has a 2nd July release date.

2 thoughts on “Nerd News: The Forever Purge Trailer Reaction

    1. Lol I can see that… im a huge fan of the horror genre and when it comes to the purge franchise I have to admit that they dazzle me with their pretty lights and keep me there with the sheer inventiveness of their kills lol. I do agree that it gets less horror with every passing movie and don’t even get me started on series 2 of the show!

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