Nerd News: Funkoween 2021 Reveals from FUNKO – Day 1

I’m trying to fit all of the announcements from the 2021 Funkoween in May event by Funko in to a single place so that you don’t need to hunt through endless posts to see everything they released this time around, so make sure to double check if anything else has been added to the post as a late announcement (just in case they go on a little longer than I’m going to be awake for here in the UK). They certainly made a real big deal of the event this time around, even more so than last year, with plenty of FunTV footage throughout the day – check out their social media if you want to catch up on that!

Mandy Funko Pops

The first thing we saw today was an episode of FunTv with special guest Elijah Wood to introduce the first exclusive pops for LegionM, in the form of a line of Mandy figures, the crazy Nicholas Cage film produced in part by Elijah Wood, and of course they’re a really cool looking set of pops which will be available from the LegionM shop from 28th May at 1PM PT!

Boo Hollow

There’s a HUGE range of Boo Hollow products coming your way if you like your Halloween with an extra big sprinkling of cute as hell! Boo Hollow is part of the Paka Paka range but it’s not just the little Paka Paka blind figures available (of which there appear to be 15), there are also pop figures for Raven and Zeke, a Gabe ride, Phinneas & Scratch moment, a deluxe Nina Lucky & Ne, 4 different plush dolls (for just £4.99 from Pop in a Box) and even a card game!… That’s not even mentioning the Loungefly bag and purse.

Scooby-Doo Hex Girls

Coming exclusively to Hot Topic is a 3 pack of Funko pops featuring the Hex Girls (Thorn, Dusk and Luna) from Scooby Doo the animated series.

Elvira Diamond Glitter Pop

Would it be a Halloween celebration without Elvira? No of course it wouldn’t so Funko helped celebrate 40 years of Elvira by brining out an absolutely stunning diamond glitter version of her in a sparkling red dress as part of their icons range which is available to pre-order for a September release date.

Disney Villains

It wouldn’t be a Funkoween event without a few Disney announcements (no doubt there will be some Nightmare Before Christmas items later on), and the first of these come in the form of a new and improved villains range across a few different product lines. The exclusives from this range are a Funko Shop exclusive Cruella, a Hot Topic exclusive diamond edition Malleficent, a Box Lunch exclusive (in the States, or in the UK and Europe) Doctor Facilier (who looks absolutely incredible), an exclusive to Amazon jumbo sized glow in the dark version of the Maleficent dragon and a Target exclusive version of Hades. Other than that there are pops for Ursula, the evil queen from Snow White (once standing mixing poison and once sitting on the throne), the Maleficent dragon from sleeping beauty, Maleficent, Lady Tremaine, Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook and Doctor Facilier.

Finally for this villain round there is also a set of 12 mystery mini figures and 4 plushies.

Funkoween Soda

Soda figures to come out of the 2021 Funkoween event include a 12,500 piece Sully from Monsters Inc. with a flocked chase, Harlequin Demon & Barrel from Nightmare Before Christmas (I told you so), both limited to 10,000 and whilst the Barrel chase has a different colour, the demon one is a glow in the dark and finally a vampire Mickey limited to just 1,500 with a black and white chase. This is going to end up being an expensive figure! According to Entertainment Earth where these were all listed for sale the pre-orders sold out in less than 4 hours.

Hocus Pocus

I think Hocus Pocus got a look in last year too, but this year there are 4 t-shirts exclusive to the Funko shop – at least the Funko shop has 4 listed… The picture they released on social media only had 2 on it. As well as this there is a Dani with Binx funko pop which is exclusive to Spirit in the States, but will be available in Disney stores in the UK and Europe.

Jaws Movie Moment

Available to pre-order now through GameStop or EB Games only is a new movie moment from Jaws, and this is I think the moment which so many people have been waiting for – and iconic scene and such a cool figure!

Halloween Funko Pops & Loungefly Accessories

I am a big Halloween fan and Michael Myers is one of my favourite slasher guys, so it’s pretty cool to see this Loungefly range which feels a bit different to their usual stuff to me! However… Do we really need more pops of him? I mean he’s not the most varied looking character and I don’t feel like these 4 new standard sized pops (a speciality series, a common, an amazon exclusive and an FYE exclusive) and 1 jumbo sized pop were really worth bringing out were they?

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