Nerd News: Back to the Future Range Expands with playmobil

Wow, well this is both annoying and embarrassing – I can’t believe that I missed this release at the start of the month! Being a proud owner myself of the Playmobil DeLorean (which i for some reason still haven’t reviewed) and having reviewed the Back to the Future advent calendar, I do actually really love this Playmobil line which I think really helps bring the brand to the collectors market too. This is a brilliant brand for kids play, but the normal figures just don’t seem to have the collectability and adult appeal as LEGO might have, but their retro entertainment lines like Ghost Busters and Back to the Future are absolutely brilliant, and it’s great to see them grow a little more!

There are now 2 more new sets available from the Playmobil website!

Back to the Future Part II Hoverboard Chase

This play set is really one to play with and get your friends involved, but of course for us collectors it is the perfect addition to being able to change up that advent calendar scene from time to time! It includes 4 characters in the form of a police officer with a bike, Dr. Emmett Brown, Marty McFly and Griff Tannen from the year 2015, with the latter 2 being on hoverboards! Along with this there are some accessories like a news paper article and some other pieces of clothing, along with a nice little pond scenery set.

Marty’s Pick-up Truck

It’s not quite the DeLorean is it, but Marty McFlys pickup truck is still a pretty nice vehicle from the franchise and now you can have it sitting alongside that DeLorean in your collection! The truck which has a few moving parts to allow it to be used just for sitting there or to have Marty riding in it is accompanied with 3 characters in Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker and Biff Tannen, along with a couple of accessories to make sure that Biff can give it a real nice clean!

Are you a Playmobil collector, or do they still not appeal to you even with these cool retro sets? I think they’ve done a really great job connecting with the nerds from the 80s and 90s who grew up with both playmobil and films like Back to the Future to get in to our pockets now that we all have jobs! Really impressed with the finish on this truck!

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