Army of the Dead Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When I first heard about this movie, to say I was excited is an understatement – the zombie movie genre is probably my absolute favourite to be honest and it’s one of those genres where, when you’re a fan, you know that your expectations are never super high. There are SO many zombie films and series out there, and let’s be honest, a lot of them are absolutely terrible. One thing which this movie had going for it right from the start is Zack Snyder.

I’ll be honest, I really couldn’t care too much about the Zack Snyder of DC fame… Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League… Even the Snyder cut, were all ok – they really didn’t shake me too much. 300, now that was a pretty cool movie – but what really helps Army of the Dead is that Snyder also directed Dawn of the Dead, one of the best zombie flicks of all time. Well, that is until this baby came along!

Oh man, this film did NOT disappoint!

I’m glad we recently signed up for Netflix – the whole subscription up to now has already been worth every penny for this masterpiece which quite frankly I couldn’t get in to my eyes fast enough… And this thing is almost 2 and a half hours long by the way, and it feel like an hour and a half!

Even the poster is amazing!

I was like a little kid from the opening credits – which might well be the absolute best opening credits ever committed to film and will become the basis for a prequel series (animated) called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, right through to the ending.

It is non-stop action, and when it does take a tiny 10 second breather from kicking undead butts, it has a few lovely interludes filled with comedy, sarcasm, some of the most amazing zombies on film… and that’s about it. But then, what else do you want?

The comedy comes mostly from the various characters, whether they’re digging each other out about something, get confused with one another, or just generally not fitting in with the rest of the crew what so ever – like Ludwig for example, the German safe cracker, who is one of the absolute stand-out characters in this film. He is also going to be the focus of another prequel by the way, although this time a feature length live action movie.

Let’s talk about these zombies for a second, and it’s no spoiler, as they’re all over the trailer, but these things are:

  1. creepy as hell (there are a lot of weird noises from these guys)
  2. they scream… yep!
  3. they run (I think every good zombie should be able to run)
  4. the swarm
  5. they’re organised! WHAT?!
  6. there are more than one mind of zombie in this film
  7. there’s even a tiger zombie!
  8. also I know she’s a zombie an’ all but dare I say that the zombie queen’s (played by Athena Perample) got a bit of sexiness about her!

The zombies in this film really do fulfill every criteria I love to see for a zombie – I’m not a huge fan of the dumb, slow creeps you could kill with a well placed slap – these zombies really add some horror to the equation!

But it’s not just cool zombies that make this film so irresistible and exciting – the backdrop, going through an absolutely decimated Las Vegas is stunning and really well put together. It’s so cool watching this film and seeing so many iconic landmarks, many of which I have been to myself – there’s even a fly-by of the hotel I stayed in while in Vegas many moons ago. But of course there’s no point having an amazing looking apocalyptic waste land if the actors are pants… There was no worry about this at all! Every single one of them was absolutely on point, and Dave Bautista looks as good as ever… He was made for this sort of part!

I love this film so damn much!

If I could I’d have given it even more than the 5 stars my rating system limits me to.

Right, so now that you’ve read the review and seen the trailer that’s about all there is left to read if you want to get on and watch this sweet, SWEET zombie movie now…

…Unless of course you want to know about the weirdest type of zombie in this film?

It’s not really a spoiler, but just in case you like to actively search for all you own Easter eggs and what nots then you’ve been given fair warning that I’m going to talk about one of the zombie types in this film!

Some of them are robots! Now that last one might seem like a spoiler, but it’s really not! Zack Snyder has himself mentioned them in numerous interviews even before the film was released and if you google this film you will see all manner of remarks about those damn robots. Has it spoiled anything about the plot? Nope – there’s just robot zombies – see if you can spot them all!

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