Nerd News: Mattel Jurassic World Legacy Collection T-Rex Escape

This new Jurassic World Legacy Collection Tyrannosaurus Rex escape pack from Mattel is coming to Target stores on 1st August of this year if they can get the stock together, because pre-orders have already sold out for this $49.99 product! The thing is, it’s so clear to see why it has already sold out! It is by far one of the most iconic scenes from the series which you can recreate here and it’s so nicely detailed! In the UK however this thing is still available for pre-order with a release date slightly earlier on 8th June through Smyths for £39.99!

In this pack you get a nice T-Rex (19.8cm tall and 49cm long), that iconic Jurassic Park Ford Explorer tour vehicle (10.1cm tall and 26.7cm long) and Tim (7.2cm tall) is sat inside with his night vision goggles on.

Absolutely amazing looking product!

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