Nerd News: GameStop to Release 2 New “The Office” Funko Products including Fun Run Angela and the 2020 Office Funko Box

Available to pre-order now from GameStop are 2 new Funko products relating to the Office… And did you notice that I was able to include the link? That’s right GameStop have removed that insane restriction they had on us poor Europeans stopping us looking at their website! Both of these products are due to be released in August 2021 with the first of these being a single Funko pop due to come out on the 11th August. It’s a fun run version of Angela and retails at $11.99

The second item is something a little bigger, hence the higher price of $29.99. They’re calling it their Funko Box: The Office 2020 and it features Stanley and Jim in inflatable sumo suits, a triple pack of pin badges a notebook and an Andy in a sumo suit pen topper. For what you get the price is actually really reasonable!

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