Nerd News: Disney Treasures Artist series – Donald Duck Funko pop Coming Soon

Coming soon as an Amazon exclusive is the latest in the Funko Art Series and it’s a Disney, Donald Duck one. After announcing those gorgeous Marvel Patriot series pops from the Art Series line just a couple of days, this Donald Duck really takes it back to the Art Series we all know, which is just a weird one! With these pops if they’re not done right, then they just don’t look good in my opinion – what do you think of this one and the series in general? It feels like they’re trying to go down a designer toy or art vinyl route, but I think just due to where they’ve taken the product and how they have pushed the popularity, Funko pops just don’t sill that niche any more.

The Patriotic series and the Star Wars pops done with Futura worked very well – I’m not even sure what the pattern on Donald is meant to represent. They’re due to start shipping on the 29th July so for me at least I don’t know why it’s got so much of a festive feel to it!

Pre-order it now from Amazon for the fairly high price of $19.99.

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