Nerd News: Patriotic Age Funko Marvel Products Coming to Target

To celebrate Marvel bringing their characters in to the Patriotic Age, they have worked with Funko and target to bring a range of Target exclusive products from a new line of Marvel Funko Art Series figures and even a pop and tee product. These items will be available from today for pre-order from Target so keep an eye on their website for more details!

This new patriotic age set includes 2 different designs for Steve Rogers as Captain America, which includes the funko pop with a silver background, covered in both blue and red shields – which is the color scheme (although the design does vary) which is common across this whole range. However as well as this he also gets a second design which is the same figure but with the colors swapped around, this one is blue with red and silver shields. That second figure is part of the pop and tee product which looks absolutely amazing and I don’t usually like Captain America!

The next figure is the new Captain America as the title has been taken over by Sam Wilson during the Falcon and the Winter Solider series on Disney+. This has the same color and pattern scheme as the Steve Rogers figure, but you can see the progression of the rest of his suit in this figure.

Moving on to the final captain for this series is Captain Marvel and she has the same color scheme but the pattern is slightly different to reflect her logo.

The final product from this line is not a captain at all but certainly one of the most iconic Marvel characters and we get this one in an action pose as Spider-man swings in to the range with the same colors again but this time his spidey face logo covering the suit.

I have to say that some times the art series pops can be really hit or miss, but with this one here, they’ve really hit the mark!

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