Nerd News: Funkoween in May is Coming on Monday & Looks Like they’re Releasing Masks

Just a reminder that on Monday 24th May we’ll be getting plenty of Halloween related releases and I’m really hoping that it will be as good as it was last year, and I’d love to see another Halloween style calendar come out – the last one was absolutely brilliant and contained some of my favorite pocket pops to date.

So far there are 2 things which we know about Funkoween this year which is that they will be starting at 8:00am PST with Funkoween: The Mystery of Haunted Hollywood on FunTV and secondly that they’ve teased a new product on their social media.

An image was posted on social media with the caption, “What item do you think this is?” For me at least it was pretty obvious what it is but there were all sorts of speculations in the comments section. It is clearly the edge of Jack Skellingtons face and then the strap (Which I guess is going to be elasticated) has a new Pop Masks logo. Looks like Funko are getting in to the mask game! It will be interesting to see what the full range will be.

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