Nerd News: Lego Release Huge Marvel Spiderman Daily Bugel Set

Avilable to pre-order now from the official Lego shop website is their largest Marvel set to date at a massive 82cm tall! It’s going to start shippin on 1st June (although VIP early access starts on 26th May) and to get your hands on this beauty, it’ll set you back £274.99, which is about right for a set as big as this… it’s made up of a total of 3,772 pieces, so should keep you busy for a while!

This modular set which allows you to remove floors and wall panels features 4 floors inside as well as details of both the front street and back alley. These internal details include the ground floor entrance that can be destroyed to look like an explosion has taken place, the newsroom on the first floor complete with the usual office furniture of desks and computers, Peter Parker’s office on the second floor with the Green Goblin trying to smash through the window and both Betty Brant & J. Jonah Jameson’s offices on the top floor.

Along with this incredible building and all the details which go with it, there are also 25 mini figs included in the set! These include Spider-man of course as well as Fire Star, Doctor Octopus, J. Jonah Jameson, Betty brant, Venom, Miles Morales, Spider-Ham, Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy, Carnage, Punisher, Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, Black Cat, Robbie Robertson, Ben Urich, Mysterio, Sandman, Aunt May, newspaper worker, New York taxi driver, receptionist and new exclusive figures for Daredevil and Blade.

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