Nerd News: Funko to Release Vampire Freddy Soda Figure

So it’s not quite Funkoween in May yet – that’s not until 24th – 28th of this month, and if last year is anything to go by, then it should be a good week for horror related Funko stuff, as well as probably a load of Disney bits thrown in for good measure. However as is always the case with the Funko soda figures, Funko CEO Brian Mariotti has once again reinforced why we need to stay friends with him personally on social media, so that we don’t miss announcements like what is possibly the best soda figure to date.

It’s Freddy Funko and they’re making a very generous 10,000 of these which is good news. It’s a vampire one and has a chase. Now for my soda figures – scrap that, for all soda figures the chase will be a variant of the common… With this one that’s just not the case. It genuinely looks like they messed up the artwork! The chase of the VAMPIRE Freddy is a SKELLETON Freddy. Literally from the hair to the paint and the pose nothing is the same – other than the position of the feet. Weird decision!

This figure will be coming soon and weird chase or not, I love this one!

It is going to be a Funko shop exclusive, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will make its way across to Funko Europe.

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