Nerd News: Yungblud Rocks Funko Pop Coming Soon

You know what, I actually quite like the music which Yungblud makes and as far as I can see he is an incredible talent. Great singer, song writer, multi-instrumentalist and even masterminded the popular comic book, Twisted Tales of The Ritalin Club. Now, are there other rock pops which should maybe have come before this? Sure in my opinion there are plenty of pops from the rocks line which I’d like to see… However life doesn’t quite work like that! Funko need to think about other people as well and what they would like to see… What will sell and of course what they can get the license for!

All that said, it does always annoy me a bit when you take to Funko’s social media where there are always people who have to go on about how awful their newest pop is… when are you making x, y and z instead?

I know this isn’t going to be a popular post with the wider Funko community but the point of the whole company is that every one is a fan of something – let the fans of Yungblud enjoy this pop – which quite frankly looks incredible anyway and I hope he will come in a nice colorful (most likely pink, white and black) box, without making them feel bad for liking it.

It’s available now from Walmart for just $8.78 for pre-order. I for one hope it does well and wouldn’t mind having one in my collection.

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