Nerd News: New Funko Soda Figures Coming Including Pan Am, Energizer, Bat Mite, Underdog, The Matrix & the Goonies

Announced yesterday by Funko as retweets from Brian Mariotti (the CEO of Funk) are a bunch of new Soda figures, including some absolutely awesome ones! I’m not really sure why the soda figures keep getting announced in this way, especially like the Neo one wasn’t retweeted so if you don’t follow Brian Mariotti on his own social media you might have missed that one! But here’s what we found out yesterday!

As I mentioned, there is now going to be a Neo from the Matrix. I love this film, I love the pops from that film but I have to say that I don’t love this soda. Don’t get me wrong, I like it and will most likely get it but the expression is totally wrong. If you just took the face without the clearly Neoish coat it’s just some angry guy. There will be 10,000 of these with Neo answering the phone for the chase. Another classic movie character where they really have done a good job is Sloth from the Goonies where the chase wears a hat. Again there will be 10,000 produced.

From the worlds of comics and animation there is a Bat-Mite which again will be 10,000 pieces and whilst the common has a blue suit, the chase will have a black suit. Then from the Underdog franchise is Klondike Kat with a flocked chase and Savoie-Faire with the chase being a color variant. There will be 7,000 of each of these.

Finally from the worlds of Icons there is a Pan Am stewardess with blonde hair, and a chase version with red hair. There will be 10,000 of these. Then we finish off with the Energizer Bunny, which for some reason they have marketed as a specialty series limited edition exclusive release. I always think that a specialty series limited edition release makes it sound a little more exclusive, but Funko knowing that this bunny is going to be the most popular one of the bunch have made this one limited to 18,000 making it BY FAR the least limited or exclusive figure from this release. What does the specialty series sticker even still stand for? The chase of this pink bunny will be silver.

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