Nerd News: Mezco Announce Batman: Gotham by Gaslight One:12 Collective Figure

Gotham by gaslight is the Batman steam punk phase really, although I have to say that 19th Century Batman does look very cool. From his dress through to his equipment, the steam punk style really suits the character, and it translates even better in to the One:12 collective range by Mezco. Standing 17 cm tall with over 30 points of articulation this figure looks impressive to say the least, especially when displayed with the base and posing post, or kept in the box which has been designed with collectors in mind.

He’s available to pre-order no from the Mezco website but won’t be shipping out until January to March of 2022. If you want to secure one for yourself they are retailing at $115. For that money, as you’d expect from a One:12 collective product you get some sweet accessories and features too:

  • 3 head portraits
  • 10 hands
  • Cloak cape with integrated posing wire
  • A glider with hinged wings
  • A pair of goggles
  • 1 Cowl
  • 6 throwing knives
  • 4 foldable batarangs
  • 1 grappling hook with rope

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