Nerd News: Loki Watch party Wednesdays with Disney+

Starting today is Loki Watch Party Wednesdays as organised by Disney+ to celebrate the road to the launch of their new streaming series focused on the god of mischief on 9th June! Up until then there are various watch parties on Disney+ to get your juices flowing for his arrival with the schedule for these looking as follows (with all times being PT time zone):

12th May, 5pm – Thor

19th May, 4pm – The Avengers & Thor: Dark World

26th May, 5pm – Thor: Ragnarok

2nd June, 4pm – Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame

Keep an eye on the Marvel Studios, Loki and Disney+ social media channels for more details about how to join other fans of Loki and of course that Tom Hiddleston all around the world.

The reason they’re going to watch parties on Wednesday is of course because the show will be streaming a new episode every Wednesday starting from 9th June, although it seems strange that they’re not celebrating Loki’s arrival with a final watch party on the 9th… That seems like it would be the absolute perfect way to end those watch parties and start this new series.

Ignore the date on this poster from the Loki Twitter account, it is now starting on 9th June rather than the 11th which was the original release date – It’s way too cool a poster though to not show it off don’t you think! In the other one (below) he has a massive Doctor Who vibe, don’t you think?

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