Nerd News: Love Death + Robots Volume II Coming Friday & Trailer Reaction

I’ll be totally upfront with you – I’ve never seen this show or even heard of it, and here it is being advertised for a second season and it looks absolutely crazy! It’s an adult animation by Netflix and will start to air with 8 new episodes on Friday 14th May… I have to say that I now need to get my butt in gear and watch the first volume which at 18 episodes is far larger. Here is the trailer which dropped recently:

Without knowing anything about the show it’s hard to give a trailer reaction, especially to the second season as I have absolutely no background but this anthology appears to not only be a bunch of separate stories, but they are also told in very different ways, using different animation styles, which is something I’ve always loved, ever since I first saw the Animatrix series of animations.

What I can say is that this animation seems to have everything which you’ve come top expect from a streaming show… and more! There is violence (graphic violence),monsters, sex, emotion and even robots picking up dog poop in the street – really what else could you possibly want?

I’m going to have to give this thing a real go and put a review on the site!

I guess the trailer did a pretty good job eh?

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