Nerd News: Licensed Lamps from the World of Gaming, Movies & TV by Numskull

NumSkull, the brains behind the TUBBZ cosplaying duck figures have added 3 new lamps to their already existing small range, making the selection of nerdy lamps for your game or tv room even better. The new lights are from Friends (with the central perk coffee shop logo), Back to the Future (with the date and time device in the DeLorean time machine) and this absolutely brilliant Space Invaders light!

What a fun bunch of light up decor items to make your gaming room really pop – maybe these are just what I need in the background for my YouTube videos – what do you think?

The range which already exists has lights from the Ghostbusters, Halo, Jurassic Park and Resident Evil franchises.

These lamps retail for £24.99 – £29.99 each and whilst the latter 4 are already on the market, the newest 3 can be pre-ordered now through JustGeek. They can be operated by suing a USB plug in or they can be battery powered too when you have them in hard to reach places or don’t want an annoying wire hanging down from the bottom.

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