Nerd News: Funko Retro Toys: MASTERs of the Universe Line Gets Bigger

The Masters of the Universe line by Funko is already a decent size, and has some amazing pops in it, but it’s now due to get even bigger with the addition of two new Soda figures in the form of Tung Lashor (limited to 10,000 with a metallic chase) and Beast Man (limited to 10,000 as well, with a flocked chase – of course)… I actually can’t believe that it’s taken them this long to make a Beast Man soda figure.

But that’s not all! There are a bunch of new Pops available too, with the commons available to pre-order now from Pop in a Box.

For the commons we have Evil Lyn, Dragstor, Horde Trooper, Clamp Champ and Merman with the addition of also a MOTU Pop Town featuring Skeletor and Snake Mountain, a Pop ride featuring Skeletor on Night Stalker and finally a Jumbo version of Trapjaw! There’s also an speciality series snake version of man at arms.

There are however also a few exclusives with FYE getting a Leech pop and a blue version of Merman which is exclusive to Funko Store.

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