Nerd News: Complex Pop Culture Announce new Funko Gold product Line

Complex Pop Culture have just announced a brand new product line for Funko which is known as Funko Gold and looks to be a line of vinyl figures which will focus on iconic musicians and sports personalities. These look kind of like the soda figures but with the arms and legs prized apart a little to change their pose – however the main kicker comes when you look at the sizes. The first is a pretty standard 5 inches which is supposedly going to retail at around $9.99 and then there’s a 12 inch figure for around $24.99.

12 inches is a big figure! But I have to say in the style which they’re in… at 12 inches tall… They might go from looking like a nice quality vinyl collectible to looking a lot more like a little kids toy, a bit like the Hasbro Mega Mighty figures.

I’m not sure yet what the boxes will look like, especially for those big 12 inch figures, but it will be interesting to see how these do. it might be because the NBA and NFL aren’t that big in the UK so I don’t now who most of these people are, but for me this line just doesn’t do anything. I think it feels a bit cheap from first impressions and it will be interesting to see how the lines goes down!

For the musicians we so far only know about Notorious B.I.G but with the sports stars we already know about LeBron James, James Harden, Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Steven Curry & Kawhi Leonard from the NBA and Aaron Rodgers, Tom brady, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield from the NFL.

What do you think of these?

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