Nerd News: Disney+ Add New Star Wars Shorts (Including a Simpsons Mashup) on Star Wars Day

New to Disney Plus now are a few great little shorts for you to enjoy if you’re a Star Wars fan, and with the recent addition of the Vintage Star Wars collection, the amazing Mandalorian series, The Bad Batch starting today and of course the promise of more Mandalorian as well as a few other series including the Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan… There really is no excuse not to have Disney plus if you’re a Star Wars fan!

Other things which have been added today include:

Maggie Simpson in the Force Awakens From it’s Nap

This is just a 3 minute short mashup of Star Wars and the Simpsons. It starts of normal enough until Maggie gets dropped off at Jabba the Hutts day care where she loses her pacifier and goes on a galactic sized couple minute trek through the Star Wars universe to find it – there’s even a tiny Darth Maul to fight. Not much to see here really, but it is a lot of fun so if you grew up with these 2 franchises its a nice little video.

Star Wars Biomes

This really isn’t something to sit and watch with interest – instead its something you can put on in the background or over a chat as you admire in awe the amazing landscapes of the Star Wars universe. It’s just a very impressive fly through of a selection of some of the most beautiful and breath taking scenery from the series and it really is a beautiful piece of film lasting about 18 minutes.

Star Wars Vehicle Fly Throughs

This is a mini series of shorts – at the moment just 2 videos each about 4 minutes long which take you on a virtual fly through as if you were in quarantine looking at a house on the market! It really is very impressive though as you take a trip around some of these amazing vehicles from the movies in a very impressively crafted CGI view. So far you can take a trip around the Millennium Falcon and a Star Destroyer. Hopefully they make more, as these show them in great detail without being distracted by other things going on. Very impressive and interesting.

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