Nerd News: KidRobot x Hello Kitty Kaiju 3 Inch Figures Out Now!

Available now from the KidRobot website is their latest mashup with Hello Kitty. They do a lot of Hello kitty figures, it’s something which they’re well know for and quite rightly too – they’re damn good at it! This newest set is not a blind figure set but instead is a set of 8 3 inch vinyl figures in window boxes to let you collect the whole set much easier. They’re available now for $11.99.

On having a closer look at the green and pink ones with the unicorn horns, I would say that these look to be flocked although I can’t confirm that from the text on their website. I have to say though (and I don’t say this often about KidRobot), these look so similar to the Kaiju Hello Kitty line which Funko recently released too and on this occasion that Funko one might just take it – usually I think KidRobot have a more unique finish. But on the other hand I feel that this is a style, finish and display method we don’t see every day from KidRobot so they’re definitely worth grabbing… Anyway, can you have too many kaiju Hello Kitties in your collection?

Kid Robot Hello Kitty kaiju

Funko Hello Kitty Kaiju Pop

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