Nerd News: Zavvi Celebrate LEGO Super Mario Luigi Adventures Release with Special Bundle!

Available to pre-order now for release on 2nd August is a whole new starter set for the Lego Mario game which has been so popular in the past year. The game itself is already on series 2 of the mystery enemy packs you can buy and the expansion sets are getting bigger and better all the time. Before this you could always only ever play as Mario, but that is due to change in August as Luigi gets his very own starter set!

Just the same as the Mario starter course it looks like the price is going to be right around the £50 mark with Zavvi celebrating this release with a special bundle set for the same price (well actually it’s £49.99) and it looks brilliant…. Super value!

In this bundle you will get that brand new Luigi starter course for the Lego Mario game along with a navy Luigi t-shirt and the Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform 39 piece expansion set. I’ve always been put off the Lego Mario starter course because of the price and a bit of a lack of space, but for the same price, having this little bundle is going to be hard to give a miss.

The t-shirts come in mens, ladies and kids sizes… but let’s face it, if you’re getting this sweet bundle which the kids can play with, who’s getting a kids size t-shirt? It’s a really nice shirt!

Grab it at Zavvi now before the offer ends!

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