Nerd News: Aliens Ellen Ripley with Power Loader Funko Pop

This thing is absolutely amazing looking, but it’s sadly just a GameStop exclusive which means that as it stands I can’t get my hands on one – hopefully they’ll send it to the UK as a shared exclusive some time.

It’s an iconic image from Aliens, and the franchise as a whole, as Ripley gets in to a power loader to kick some alien butt! It’s available to pre-order from GameStop now!

4 thoughts on “Nerd News: Aliens Ellen Ripley with Power Loader Funko Pop

  1. They’re not sure how much it will be yet. Also it can be preordered for £34.50 from Double Boxed Toys (+£5 postage). They r importing it from Gamestop.


  2. It is coming 2 the UK Excl via Forbidden Planet. U can’t preorder it on their website but if u call/FB message your nearest store then they’ll put u down 4 1! Already done it myself 😉


    1. Oh perfect, thanks for letting me know, I’ll try and update the post later. I sadly don’t have a store close to me so I might see if they can send one out when it arrives or if I should wait. It really is a very cool looking figure, well done for snagging one, and thanks again for the heads up!


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