Nerd News: Avatar: The Last Airbender Gets Another New Funko Pop Release

Avatar: The Last Airbender already has a nice selection of Funko pops, but they’re just about to release another new set which are already available for pre-order from Pop in a Box and look like they’ll be getting sent out in July 2021. There are a few different types of pop in this new set though so even though the 4 standard pops (Ozai, Admiral Zhao, Tye Lee and Suki) all have that £9.99 price tag which you’re used to seeing on the site, there is also a slightly more special one.

The pop of Aang is a 6 inch, but it’s no normal 6 inch, this is one seriously cool looking pop, with a lot of work clearly having gone in to it! Unbelievably it’s only a little more at £14.99!

On top of these commons there are also a few special edition ones which are available here in Europe:

Crouching Aang – Funko Europe

Blue Spirit Zuko – HMV in the UK

Admiral Zhao with fire ball – HMV in the UK and FNAC in France

Mai with knives – Magic Madhouse in the UK and Play my Center in Spain

Glow in the Dark 6 inch Aang – HMV in the UK and FNAC in France

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