Nerd News: New Ad Icons Funko Pops Including Kraft Mac & Cheese, Pringles and Hot Tamales Coming Soon

I actually didn’t see this line advertised by Funko, at least not yet, so it was quite a surprise for me to see them while I was checking out the Hot Topic website where I saw a really cool new line of ad icons! I’m not sure if these are an exclusive and that’s why they hadn’t been heavily advertised yet by Funko, but it doesn’t mention that it will only be Hot Topic who will get them. it would be quite unusual for them to get a full exclusive drop anyway.

Joining this set of Ad Icons we have:

  • A Pringles can
  • A box of Kraft Macaroni and cheese
  • A box of Fruity pebbles
  • A White Castle slider
  • A pack of Hot Tamales

What a cool little set, and even though I’ve never had one I have to say that the White Castle slider looks really cool!

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