Nerd News: Kid Robot x South Park Towlie Plushies for 4/20 Day

Available to pre-order as of yesterday to celebrate weed day (4/20 day) we have another South Park collaboration to run alongside the Funko pop which was announced. This time it’s from Kid Robot who have released a totally new product called a real towel. Essentially it’s a real towel, made from real towel material, but made to look like Towlie, although it looks like he’s relatively rigid rather than being like an actual towel, but it doesn’t really go in to that in the description. Certainly the larger ones don’t loo like they’ll stay in place!

These come in 2 different designs (pre and post rehab) and also come in 2 different sizes for each design (one at 7 inches x 10 inches and one at 17 inches x 24 inches).

The smaller 2 are priced at $12.99 each and $23.99 each for the larger ones, all of which will be shipping 2nd quarter of this year. Pre order them from the Kid Robot website now.

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