Nerd News: New Funko Soda Range Includes Stan Lee, Batman Who Laughs, Danger Mouse, John Wick and more!

So far I think this might actually be the most exciting Funko soda announcement which Funko have made since they were released. There are a lot of very cool soda figures in the range now, but in this newest wave are some absolute corkers! I think if they keep going in this direction,l doing a top 10 or top 20 soda figures this year is going to get tricky!

The first one which is just insanely good is the Batman who laughs… Look at this thing! Limited to 10,000 with a glow in the dark chase, this is a PX exclusive and I want it so bad!

A figure which looks equally dark and amazing is the soda version of Rat Fink – this has translated so well in to a soda, with a black and white chase, where the gums are still pink which is quite cool. This one is limited to just 7,500.

There’s one new Disney soda in the form of Prince John from Robin Hood, limited to 7,500 where the chase has got hypnotized eyes.

2 new animation soda figures are joining the roster with these both bringing back a bit of nostalgia as we say hello to an amazing Danger Mouse limited to 7,000 with a red devil chase. I have to say that I’d actually much prefer the common in this case. Joining Danger Mouse is Super Chicken also limited to 7,000 with a glow in the dark chase.

Pogo from Umbrella Academy is getting his own soda, which will go nicely with their range of pops recently announced. This is a 7,500 limited edition with a flocked chase. Speaking of super heroes, although of course totally unrelated, there is a soda figure which actually I’m really surprised took this long to get made a reality! There’s a superhero Stan Lee limited to 10,000 with a gold chase… This is a really cool figure!

Finally, and yes I’ve saved the best for last, after starting with the second best – John Wick! I feel like I don’t need to say much more, so that’s it – the most awesome action movie character in recent years, John Wick comes limited to 15,000 and I need it in my life! The chase is bloody… Of course!

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