Nerd News: Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead on Netflix Trailer Reaction

I totally missed that this thing was happening… How the hell did I miss that!

As you might know from my recent review I wasn’t a huge fan of the Snyder cut when it comes to the Justice League, but I think that was more of a Justice League thing rather than a Snyder thing… 300 – love it! Damn of the dead… Yummy! So I was very excited to see him return to the zombie genre… and more specifically I’ve seen this advertised as a zombie heist flick! Who though those would ever get combined?

I LOVE zombie movie and I especially like it when they get taken in original directions… Zombie heist – now that’s original no?

This film looks like it has a lot squeezed in – the trailer could just as easily be for a full Netflix series… It also looks as gritty as you want a zombie apocalypse to look, it’s got the one and only Dave Bautista in it – which I absolutely love, and above all, they made the zombies awesome!

I don’t know why zombie always have to be made slow and dumb… Yeah they might be dead and driven just by instinct, but why does that always affect their speed. Fast zombies = my favourite type of zombies, and these ones look a hell of a lot smarter than your average flesh eating undead goon as well. A Walking Dead style zombie has very little horror value beyond how they look. When you have zombies like in World War Z which are hard to outrun and which have the ability to solve rudimentary problems… Now that horror. Put yourself in that situation, could you outrun one of those zombies?

More importantly could you outrun one of Siegfried and Roy’s white tigers… zombified? Now that’s a zombie movie!

We’re genuinely going to be signing up for Netflix (long over due I know) to get our teeth in to this baby and I absolutely cannot wait – this thing looks amazing and the background makes me feel like it’s Dawn of the Dead meets Fallout New Vegas…. Bring it on!

It’s going to be available on Netflix from 21st May.

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