Justice League: The Snyder Cut Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I have to say that I’m more of a Marvel guy myself and even then I’m by no means fanatical about it. I just always felt that Marvel are good at making their movies cleaner, brighter, funnier and just generally more watchable than DC. I do understand that DC is a much darker brand (although certain eras of Batman can make you easily forget this) but making everything dark is no excuse for it to then look sloppy. However, all that aside I wanted to give this cut of Justice League a watch, especially as I had already seen the original Wheadon cut some time ago and I wasn’t a fan – maybe Snyder could salvage it for me?

Spoiler alert… His cut didn’t salvage anything!

For me, the original cut at 2 hours was long enough – I could sit through it in one go and only think to myself a couple of times, this is taking a while. Snyders cut on the other hand is twice that long! I really couldn’t bring myself to watch the whole thing in one go. I think if I had done, the rating would have been even lower. 4 hours is a long ass time for a film!

But with the film having an extra 2 hours we of course learned a lot of new stuff didn’t we?

Did we?

As I said I watched Justice League a while ago and didn’t think it was great, but this new cut for me as your average movie goer, added absolutely nothing what so ever. Do I care it it set up for a bunch of other DC films which will likely never get made? No. Do I care how everyone winds down after this adventure, or how they got sucked in to it in the first place? Not 2 hours worth of caring now.

Part of being a great story teller is knowing how to keep your audience interested – keep them engaged, and this is something which Synder lacks. Certainly in this instance.

There is absolutely no denying that this movie looks incredible! I’m not going to take that away from him. The whole tone of the film is far more what DC should be. As I said at the start, DC is darker and it’s gritty and dirty… This movie is all of those things! If anything it’s not quite dirty enough but then again it’s not all set in Gotham. Personally though I feel like I would have rather watched the 2 hour version but looking like this version – I really do think that would have been the best compromise for the average person wanting to enjoy a little glimpse of the DC universe.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who would disagree with me on this one. Hell, that’s how the movie come in to being in the first place.

It was an expensive films to make from the start and then they ploughed even more cash in to the Snyder cut even though they never intended to, but doing so in order to bow to keyboard warriors and quite frankly bullies who abused their way to a new cut of a film they weren’t happy with. Scrolling through social media with the various #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtags, it won’t take long to see the sort of tactics they employed to get executives to change their mind.

I hope that these people are happy and got what they wanted. Presumably they are, as they are now also trying to resurrect the Snyderverse (which he most certainly set himself up for with the epilogue in this films).

Speaking of which, we got that WEIRD Joker scene!

I love Jared Leto as the Joker – yeah I’m one of those!

After Suicide Squad I had wished to have seen more of him in the role, but this just wasn’t quite right. It was Jared Leto as the Joker, but trying to almost be Heath Ledgers Joker. The makeup and hair felt more like Heath Ledger, and it didn’t look that well applied, as if a lot of it was done digitally, and it just made that whole scene feel weird, even by Joker standards. Looks like people who like Jared Leto as the Joker were left feeling a bit deflated yet again!

I don’t just want to wang on about how awfully long it was and how it really is made just to appease a small group of DC fanatics without mentioning that one thing it does do is give the heroes a little more depth throughout the film. As I said I don’t care too much about the back story, I was already fairly aware of it, but seeing them handle some other situations actually did add a little depth to the characters. Whilst I think Gal Gadot always does a great job of playing Wonder Woman and that Ben Affleck remains the worst Batman of all time (for starters, why do they have to make him so ridiculously huge in the bat suit?), for me the stand out performance in both cuts still has to be Ezra Miller as the Flash… Purely because he adds a sense of innocence, excitement and fun to what would otherwise just be a miserable action fest. He just works well with the rest of the team!

Cyborg gets a lot more screen time in this film and again Ray Fisher does very well playing this part… I think he probably has the most emotional part to play and it does some times come off a little intense – We really did need the Flash in there for comic relief! It would be nice to see him get more screen time with DC as I think he’d be a pretty relatable character for a lot of people.

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