Nerd News: Zack Snyder’s Justice League Funko Pops Coming Soon

I haven’t managed to get round to watching this incredibly long film just yet… I think i’m finding it hard to motivate myself to do so as I’m not a huge fan of the original cut of the Justice League. However the hype about this thing is REAL so I’m not massively surprised to see a set of Funko figures based on this new cut. And honestly… They look pretty cool, especially the WB Shop UK exclusive black and white ones (the metallic exclusives are nice too but those black and white versions of Wonder Woman, Superman, Desaad and Darkseid are incredible!

However there are of course also common versions of those 4 characters, along with a version of Darkseid where he’s sitting on a throne. The latter one retails for £24.99 but the rest can be purchased on the Pop in a Box website for just £9.99 each, which is £2 each cheaper than from the Funko Europe website!

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