Funko April Fools Suez Canal Boat Pop Goes Down a Treat

It looks like a lot of people are pretty disappointed that the Funko April fools idea for this year is just that and not going to be turned in to an actual pop – or pop ride I should say. Of course the problem in the Suez canal recently caused a lot of delays and issues as one of the most important and busy shipping lanes in the world became blocked by a cargo ship and Funko saw their chance to flex their artistic minds!

A few people didn’t think it was funny, whilst a lot of other people were asking when they were going to make this thing a reality… What do I say? Well played!

Before it potentially gets removed (after all traditionally April Fools jokes were only meant to be kept up for morning issues of the paper etc) I want to help keep this bit of art safe, as it really is a light hearted take on a very modern issue which we can hopefully also see the fun in during these terrible global pandemic times! So here is the renamed “Everettgreen” (the real life one of course having been called the Evergreen) ship stuck in the Suez canal as a pop ride captained by Freddy Funko.

This is of course just an April Fools concept design and is not going to be made in to an actual pop.

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