Nerd News: Retro Toy Blind Tins Coming Soon from Figures n Films

Coming very soon is a brand new product from Figures ‘N’ Films – in fact it’s our first product and I hope that it’s going to be something nice and fun for you all. I was thinking the other day while making some Tik Tok videos opening blind bags of Super Things, that the hobby of collecting toys and especially our love of blind bags, blind boxes and mystery packages creates an awful lot of waste. Look at the Funko mystery mini for example. I love them but the card box is covered in cellophane whilst the inside contains a plastic bag holding that plastic toy. Most of that packaging is pointless but helps us maintain that sense of mystery!

So I wanted to make a new kind of mystery box… A mystery tin!

This new product helps to satisfy our love for toys, need to collect and the sense of excitement we get from the mystery of a blind box.

These retro toy tins come as a ring pull can, so when you’ve got it open and you’re done with it, set it out with the rest of your cans for recycling. Alternatively stick it on your windowsill with some basil growing in it! There’s going to be no plastic packing material in the can, and all packing which protects the cans themselves will be 100% reused. So depending on what my stuff has arrived in, the can might come in bubble wrap, news paper, packing peanuts, shredded card or what ever else I have here in the office… Always hold on to your packaging to reuse it yourself!

So what’s in these mystery tins?

I wanted to keep that sustainability theme going while also appealing to an adult audience – after all I don’t want young children messing with opening tin cans! So these tins contain products from your past… Items which are finding a new home and being saved from the bin!

This is my first wave of these with just 10 tins available. However if they go well I have some ideas and stock already lined up for even better and bigger waves of cans for the future! What you can find in each of the cans from this wave will be:

  • 2 sealed packs of trading cards from the 90’s (franchises we have include X-files, Star Trek, Batman, Star Wars or Young Indiana Jones – you’ll get 2 different franchises in each can)
  • 1 loose monster in my pocket from the mid 90’s
  • 1 sealed McDonald’s Happy Meal Lego polybag from the late 90’s
  • 10 loose used Pogs (may be well used)
  • 1 loose used Pog slammer (may be well used)
  • 2 lots of retro candy (these are of course new stock)
  • You also have a 1 in 10 chance (so only one of the first wave cans has this last item) of receiving an original Waddington Pogman enamel pin from 1994.

All of this in a nice aluminium ring pull tin to keep that mystery excitement going. I really hope that everyone will agree that this is a nice way to reuse and redistribute, maybe even rediscover some of the toys from our past and that you’ll be interested in taking a look at this first wave of Retro Toy Tins when they go up for sale very soon!

The cost for these tins will be £17.50 each plus postage.

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