Nerd News: Marvel Blacklight Funko Collection gets Bigger Thanks to Target

An entire new run of Marvel blacklight products by Funko is coming exclusively to Target and this already popular range has been added to with a whole bunch of new products, and we’re not just talking pop figures! Although of course we do have some new pops too including Magneto, Gambit (maybe the nicest one from this run), Rogue and Deadpool all from the X-Men classic range. There is a 5th pop but its a part of a pop and tee set for Wolverine.

Speaking of t-shirts, there’s an absolute stonker featuring Deadpool as a wizard, and I think they REALLY should have made this a pop and tee – what an absolute waste of an amazing design.

The characters are featured on a mini backpack along with a 4 pack enamel pin set which features Magneto, Wolverine and Rogue as well as the Marvel logo. Wolverine, Rogue and Magento also make their way on top come socks, with the final product being a 2 pack of drinking glasses featuring Rogue and Wolverine.

I would say that they’re available for pre-order now on the Target website, but they’re already sold out.

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