Nerd News: Funko Junko Pop Protectors New Prices & Weekend Offer

As you might have seen in my latest unboxing of a Funko Junko mystery box (well actually there were 4 of them), I genuinely believe that they make the best quality soft pop protector available on the British market right now. I’ve never had any free stuff from them or been sponsored to say that – I really do think that they are the nuts!

Which is why I was so happy to see that they have managed to reduce their prices very slightly by no longer including their holographic stickers (which are still available to buy at 50p per sheet). On top of that they’re also adding a new pack size – 60 protectors which at the time of writing this were going for £47.19 which gives you an £11 saving if you were to buy 60 individual ones!

To top it off they’re running a special offer this weekend only which finishes at midnight on Sunday (28th March 2021) giving you 10% off if you buy packs of 20 or 20% off when buying packs of 60 with the following codes at checkout:



Go give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Funko Junko

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