Funko Junko Yay or Nay Mystery Box Vol. 3 Review

The review here isn’t going to be anything major because I’ve got an unboxing video to go with it, which I’ll embed just below here. If you want to watch the video and unbox with me read up to the video and then stop reading as it’ll have spoilers otherwise.

This is for me the best mystery box company in the UK right now for Funko products for a few reasons:

  • Quality of the pops is always really good.
  • It’s not full of anime pops, so you have a pretty good chance of getting something decent no matter which franchises you collect.
  • You get some free sweets which is never a bad thing!
  • If it’s a nay box (lower value) they include some Funko fillers like pens, pocket pops, pint size heroes or other accessories in the box.
  • All of the pops come in a protector. They use their own Funko Junko protector which again is probably the best soft protector on the market in the UK.
  • They’re reasonably priced.
  • They’re just damn nice people to deal with!

I always love these mystery boxes and for the last 2 runs I manged to pick up the maximum of 4 for a single order, with having just got 3 the first time around. I must say that now they sell them through their shop it is much easier. I don’t really bother looking at which pops they have in the sets and they usually only give a partial clue anyway for the 30 piece run, but for me (as I did look), the top pulls were Steve Irwin and the Kraken… Maybe the Jaws t-shirt and sandtrooper as well.

This was the first lot of mystery boxes I have done in a while and my first video since I updated the collection room a bit at home, so enjoy the video – I was actually much more comfortable filming with the new setup!

So as you can see I did pretty well with this box run, although I think that maybe it didn’t quite get my value back, I had a lot of fun with it, and I really don’t buy these boxes to get my value back. If I wanted to do that I would just buy normal pops. But here’s what I got and what each item was worth on the Funko app (unless it doesn’t have a price on there in which case I will use the price they actually sold for on ebay on average this month).

  • Kraken 6 inch pop (incidentally its only the 4 inch pops which come in protectors) £43
  • John Wick pop £6
  • Conor McGregor pop £13
  • Ian Malcolm pop £4
  • Spiderman in Stealth Suit pocket pop £8 (average ebay sold item price this month)
  • Stretch Armstrong pocket pop £7 (average ebay sold item price this month)
  • 3 Funko Junko pop protectors (usually £9.99 for 10 so let’s just call them £1 each) £3
  • Freddy Fazbear luggage tag £6
  • Incredibles pop pen £4.50 (average ebay sold item price this month)

I included the pop protectors in the price because after all they do have value in themselves, and with the quality these particular ones have they really do deserve to be in the value… I didn’t include the sweets though! The total value came to right around £94.50 which is a good tenner more than I spent!

As I said – Always love these boxes so highly recommend Funko Junko!

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