Nerd News: Funko bring out HUGE Seinfeld Range

Funko have just revealed a huge range of different items across almost their whole range (including some things we’ve not really seen before – at least not produced in this way), including some new Lounge fly products as well. Much of the range is available to pre-order now from Pop in a Box.

Seinfeld Funko Mini Moments

This is a new style which we haven’t seen before and it actually lets you collect the various little pieces of the Seinfeld set and put them all together in to a single display. It looks like it will build up in to something about the same size as a normal tv moment and it’s a nice little idea, although I think the pieces do look a bit weird if you have them on their own so you really do need the whole thing.

Seinfeld Funko Pops

There is a nice range of Funko pops which has been added as well including Newman, Jerry in a couple of designs, Kramer, Elaine also in a few designs, Yev Kassem and George. There are going to be some Funko shop exclusives in the mix too, as well as a Kramer in underwear exclusive to Amazon.

The pops don’t end there with a couple of exclusives at target as well, including a television moment with Kramer in front of a huge painting of himself. It’s a nice piece, although I do think it’s a bit of a shame that they made it in the exact same style as the new comic book covers line which they released. I think it takes a little bit of the special away from that new line considering the same style is now being used with other pops. I think it’s actually a bit of a cheap way for them to do a moment pop unless the painting is a separate plastic piece which comes out… Which it may well be, and I hope it is. If its just printed on the packaging then that’s not going to be great. Incidentally the Kramer moment and holistic George will be available from FunkoEurope for their European customers while EMP will get the Kramer on black velvet.

Loungefly & Funko Tees

There’s actually a nice sized range of items from Loungefly and the Funko tees collection to get you fully kitted out in Seinfeld accessories and clothes! There are a number of different bags and purses with Amazon, Walmart and Target each having their own exclusive bags, t-shirts, pins and purses (with the exception of Target which has a drinking glass set instead). There are then also sets of pins, bags, purses, a keyring and even a cap available to the rest of the market

Funko Games

Finally we round out this huge announcement with a new addition to the Games range with a party game based around the show.

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