Buying Autographs Direct from Celebrities through their Official Websites – Professional Wrestling Edition

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These past couple of years have been strange ones with just about all conventions cancelled and fewer ways to get your items or photos picked out by the stars signed… You can always buy on places like ebay but do you always know that they are authentic? Or of course you can buy from a reputable trader, but then do they have that one special photo you want? There’s nothing quite like getting your item signed in person, but there are a few celebrities who give you the option to do the next best thing by buying from them direct!

Below are some of the best I can find with a focus on this list on wrestlers, and I’ll come back to this page now and again to try and keep it up to date – why not let us know in the comments if you know of any I have missed! Keeping track of official websites for active wrestlers signed to WWE is a little more difficult as they are always listed on the WWE roster but rarely have their own websites. They do however from time to time have autographs for sale on the WWE website.

Bret “hitman” Hart

Bret “hitman” Hart is a hall of fame wrestler who is widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers of all time. His career was ended following a severe concussion from a kick and has since come back as a stage actor and author. His online shop features a wide range of merch, including signed photos.

Cara Noir

Call himself the black swan of British wrestling, he really is a mashup of ballet dancer, wrestler, story teller and absolute maniac. Being on the British and European circuit he’s not that well known in the States but he puts on a show like the best of them. Signed photos on his site are extremely reasonable. He even has a vinyl toy of himself on the site.

Hulk Hogan

Who here doesn’t know who Hulk Hogan is? He’s famous for being a wrestler, for being an actor and for just being Hulk Hogan! On his website there are LOADS of wrestling related items, including a few rarer ones and signed items such as an Andre the Giant Funko Pop signed by Hulk with a message on the side too… He sells his own pop as well of course!

Jerry “the King” Lawler

One of the most decorated champions in professional wrestling and a hall of famer, Jerry Lawler is one of the most well known wrestlers in the world, with a career spanning 5 decades! He still shows his passion for wrestling on his website and podcast to this day. Plenty of signed photos in the shop, and some times they have special mystery boxes too!

Kurt Angle

Olympic wrestler turn professional wrestler, Kurt Angle has wrestled for a variety of companies and is one of the world’s most iconic stars of the sport! On his website you can find specialty items (including cowboys hats and milk cartons), the ability to get a video shout out and even the chance to send in your own items to get signed!

Ric Flair

The Nature Boy, Ric Flair knows how to divide people… Love him or hate him, if you’ve ever shown the slightest bit of interest in professional wrestling you probably know who he is! Personally I think he’s no Hulk Hogan, but he’s from that same ear where wrestlers were like rock stars! He has an online shop selling all sorts of merch which includes autographs, but they aren’t cheap!

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