Nerd News: Rob Zombie to Direct New Munsters Movie for Universal

If you know anything about Rob Zombie, besides the fact that he’s an incredible film maker (with that one little hiccup when he made Lords of Salem), it’s that he’s a life long Munsters fan. So this news really doesn’t come as a big surprise. It seems, according to a report by Murphy’s Multiverse that Universal have tasked him with writing and directing a feature length Munsters movie which is set to start filming in Budapest, Hungary this May.

Without knowing anything else you can also take a good stab at who will be cast in the film. If you know who you like working with and enjoy giving your wife something to do then why not… It’s a formula which has worked for him so far and I’m glad he’s sticking with it!

Sheri Moon Zombie is set to take the lead as Lily Munster with other Rob Zombie movie veterans Daniel Roebuck, Jeff Daniel Phillips (as Herman Munster – which is a part I think he’ll be perfect for) and the amazing Richard Brake joining Jorge Garcia and supposedly Cassandra Peterson – the incredible Elvira. The cast is certainly one to get excited about and looks perfect for the movie!

A lot of people are speculating that he’s going to take a gruesome twist to the concept and make a blood soaked version, however I think it’s unfair to think that he’s a one race pony, as he has shown time and again with his music and other artistic endeavours that he can do more than just bloody slasher movies. After all he made the goofy animated movie The Haunted World of El Superbeasto and even directed a Tom papa Stand up special and an episode of CSI: Miami… And would he really want to mess with a concept he has always loved?

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