Nerd News: Pre-Order Doom Eternal Icon of Sin 8″ From Bethesda Gear

For some reason when ever Bethesda Gear advertise anything on social media the price always comes up right away! Let me tell you, for an 8″ figure of this detail, limited to just 800 world wide and looking this damn cool I genuinely believe that $85 is perfectly reasonable. The only thing which bugs me is that it appears to not yet be available on their European store, so quit complaining about the price and consider yourselves lucky you can buy this beauty.

This is number 5 from their Doom eternal mini collectible figure set, although I don’t think there’s anything mini about this thing! They’re hand painted and you have to not compare them to a light vinyl toy too when looking at the price, as these are polyresin so the detail is absolutely banging.

These will start shipping by the end of this month so get in there quick! It’s available to pre-order on the Bethesda Gear website now!

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