Animal Kingdom: Season 3 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Wow, they really got their mojo back in this series… and by they I mean everyone! The writers, directors, actors and in their own way the Cody’s. In season 2 I though that drama had gotten in the way of the story a little and it just felt like it slowed the pace of the show a little too much. In season 3 all of that got ramped back up again, with Baz of course finishing the previous season having been shot, Smurf is in prison and everyone is pissed at J for having been put in charge. You know that’s going to open up some arguments and bring some violence. The weird thing is that all of this has been made possible even with the number of jobs being pulled having seemingly been scaled down. There is one pretty cool high action job which the trailer shows to include a plane and other than that it feels like some smaller jobs than usual to keep the business cheque books flowing.

They still continue to build on the characters and we see a lot of development in Pope in particular who finds a new level of responsibility and peace while he continues to try and care for Lena. J on the other hand goes the other way as the crime life consumes him more and more. He’s got a level of power which he’s trying to juggle between the family which is making him pretty dark. Anyone who doesn’t think Baz was his dad, the writers are certainly steering him towards being chip off Baz’s block!

We still get everything we expect from the show with a ton of swearing, mountains of cocaine, guns galore, a lot of violence (i think this might have been the most violent season so far), and copious sex. I know that there are plenty of guys who will close their eyes and squirm at seeing the amount of male nudity and homosexual intercourse, but I for one am glad that they haven’t shied away from how open Deran is now with his homosexuality. He is totally out of the closet and just like his new hair cut it suits him.

A lot of shows don’t show too much when it comes to same sex intercourse and it goes to further ingrain that it should be wrong. If a show can be full of as many breasts as Animal Factory is, I’m sure they can show 2 dudes getting it on too. It is normal, even in parts of society where you’d think it might be frowned upon. I think that the level of crime they get away with is a little unrealistic but at least the social commentary in this show remains on point.

This show is as binge worthy as it always has been and I think that I probably enjoyed season 3 at least as much as the first season if not slightly more. It had me glued to the screen to see how the family develops and it shows that a crime family has the same problems as any other family business.

Again we do finish with the story open to being continued, which we know it did and season 5 is due to air now, but in the UK even season 4 seems to be out of reach unless I order the dvd from Australia… I might just need to do that because I really want to see how much further they develop J in this new character arc.

Really can’t fault this show… Now send me some more to show in through my eye balls!

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