Nerd News: Ripley’s Believe it or Not Launching new Streaming Shows, Starting with Ripley’s Rewind

Ripley’s have always found many ways to bring their own brand of weird to the masses in a variety of ways, whether it be their museums, books (fiction & non-fiction), website, tv show and now streaming shows! This is going to get much bigger in the coming weeks as they plan on rolling out 5 new online video series with things like history and food to follow the first series which is Ripley’s Rewind.

This first series focuses on the recent past, taking in all things retro, and it starts out with the origins of inflatable furniture. It looks like this particular series is going to be looking at retro household items like this as well as toys, pop culture, tv, trends and more saying that they’ll be looking at everything from sea monkeys to Carmen Sandiego.

This episode was hosted by Steph Distansio, and it sounds like at least the whole of the rewind series will be hosted by her.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I’m a huge Ripley’s fan, and that’s where my son’s name came from so it’s no surprise that I would enjoy this series, although it genuinely was well put together, well presented, informative and fun. Being just about 5 minutes long you don’t get time to get fed up with it!

Nice job Ripley’s, can’t wait to see more! Check out their YouTube channel and other social media to catch all these new series.

Ripley’s on YouTube

Ripley’s on Facebook

Ripley’s on Twitter

Ripley’s on TikTok

Ripley’s on Instagram

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