Nerd News: Living Dead Dolls Bubble Head Nurse by Mezco

My heart just genuinely missed a beat I got that excited when I logged on to the Mezco website and saw the latest Living Dead Doll available to pre-order for an August / October 2021 shipping date. This is my favorite horror character of all time, I even have one tattooed on my ribs – by far my most painful but favorite tattoo I have. Who doesn’t LOVE the bubble head nurses from Silent Hill 2!?!?!?

I can barely concentrate that’s how excited I am about this and am going to pre-order mine in just a moment. I haven’t had a Living Dead Doll in my collection since about 15 years ago, and it looks like by the end of this year that will have changed again!

This 10″ doll features 5 points of articulation, comes in a collector friendly window box, and is just all out amazing! Easily worth the $46 price tag, and I’m getting it even though taxes and shipping to the UK make these almost $100 for me!

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