Nerd News: FunkoEurope Site Goes Down on ECCC Day

So this is something we are used to seeing on the main funko shop website on most convention days, although it did seem to run quite smoothly this year – I didn’t hear of any problems State side, however it’s a different story in Europe where the site has been taken out of commission temporarily. They have placed up the image below on their social media with no real explanation of whats going on or when it’ll be fixed, which shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

They have claimed that the issue is due to maintenance but more likely they have had an issue with bots or too much traffic, but hopefully they’ll get it back online soon for everyone to get back to these ECCC virtual con items.

All we can suggest at the moment is to keep checking back on the site and the FunkoEurope social media channels to see when they’ll be back:

Funko Europe main site



Keeping my fingers crossed as I quite liked the look of those soda figures!

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