Animal Kingdom: Season 2 Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

As you will have seen I had recently finished watching season 1 of the Amazon Prime show Animal Kingdom, which I absolutely loved! It had to have been one of my favourite shows I’ve recently discovered, and I am still pretty late to the party as I have only just now finished season 2 which came out back in 2017… and I have to say right off the bat that it’s just as bingeable as the first season! I’ve been known to have to tear myself away at 01:30 in the morning rather than saying “Alright then, just 1 more.”

We left season 1 with everyone starting to get pissed off with one another. Things seemed to go well with the navy base job but there is definitely unhappiness rising through the ranks of the Cody boys.

J seems to have proven himself as one of the family by screwing over the police who were trying to get him to spill the beans on the rest of the boys and Smurf, but everyone still has no idea what happened to Catherine. For now it seems like we’ve got one big family which just needs to get itself sorted out in the next season…

…Cue season 2 and we’ve got a whole new ball game. There is fighting within the Cody family as everyone stabs one another in the back to get what they think they deserve and go off to do their own jobs to get extra cash. As always everyone keeps talking about going legit, but that hasn’t worked out so well yet in season 1… What actually happens is that we dive right in to them planning their first big job, and its a controversial one… they want to hit the church.

What we have over this season is then the boys scouting the job, planning, executing and… well you know how this show goes! There’s plenty of drama, violence, fighting, action sequences, surfing and sex squeezed in to every aspect of it.

I will say that the pace of the show feels very different to season 1 as the family dynamic has been lost a little bit, even down to the way in which you end up feeling incredibly sorry for little Lena who gets passed around from one family member to another. It does bring a little more drama in to the show though which I think might open the show up a little more to new audiences who don’t want to see a 13 episode version of Point Break… I know I made the reference in the first review too, but get used to it, because it’s probably getting used in the review for every season.

There’s a lot more time this time around for developing characters as we’re not being introduced to loads and loads of new ones all the time, at least not important ones.

It does beg the question of whether we want to know more about characters like Nicky or whether we’d actually like to see them take a back seat.

One thing which I wasn’t a huge fan of is that they have changed a few of the characters in the time between the navy base and church jobs. Pope has become a little nicer… much less unhinged, although I guess that maybe this means that he’s taking his medication now? While Baz on the other hand has been turned in to someone far more erratic, angry and just overall unlikable.

BUT… It’s still a damn good show and as soon as I finished the last episode… and it’s a cliff hanger! I had to get right on to season 3, so expect a review for that pretty soon too. Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish in time for season 5 to start airing!

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