I’ve been keeping an eye on this site for a while now, having stumbled across it while looking for a place in the UK to buy designer toys – in particular if memory serves me correct I was looking for some of the larger Dunny figures by KidRobot in London while I spent a week up there… I think finding this site was thanks to some good Google ad words purchases by the company as they don’t have a London store – just this online one.

Earlier this month however was when I first took the plunge and actually made an order.

The main reason I made an order was to get the 8 Inch Gashadokuro Dunny by KidRobot and then added on the limited edition face masks by Sket-One which are exclusive to Collect and Display.

Let’s talk about the actual products first shall we?

I’m not going to go in to too much detail about the Dunny here because I have already done a full review of that one. What I will say is that it did arrive in great condition but did have an old sticker on the front of the box which I have just left in place for now as it#s pretty well stuck on there! And I’m not talking about a nice sticker – looks like a price or inventory sticker. I’m displaying this guy out of the box so it’s not the end of the world.

The Sket-One mask on the other hand came in perfect condition, although it really is a usable mask and there’s really no way to keep and display this one… Although it really does deserve it in some way. it looks absolutely incredible and I have to say I’ve worn it just a couple of times. It’s brilliant quality but as its got so many layers it really is quite hot to wear.

While I’m on the subject of the 2 products it makes sense for me to mention the shipping. Their shipping is ok in terms of how long it takes. I think because we are so spoiled these days with things like Amazon prime where we can order something on a Saturday evening and potentially have it here on a Sunday, waiting 6 days for a delivery feels like a little long… But to be fair it’s really not that bad, especially considering everyone is ordering online at the moment. So when the Dunny arrived in 6 days and in perfect condition (they use a nice hard stock of cardboard box) I was over the moon. The mask however didn’t arrive at the same time, supposedly coming from another warehouse, direct from Sket-One perhaps? So that one did take quite a while longer and I think I ended up waiting about 2 weeks for that one. I mainly wanted that Dunny so that kept me sweet anyway!

I really can’t complain about anything though really!

The products are great quality, they curate a really varied and popular collection of toys, they sell at a pretty reasonable price and they’re really nice people to deal with!

Going through their site today on 28th February 2021 I’ve chosen my 10 favourites from their product selection… They’ve got some real hard hitters in their stock inventory and I’d definitely recommend checking them out! Have you used them in the past? What’s your favourites from the list below and do you think those prices are reasonable?

  1. 100% Soft 3.5″ Lil Dumpster Fire; £30
  2. 14.5″ Andrew Bell Death Pepper Kill Kat; £115
  3. Humango Inc 4″ Mars Dust Globe; £35
  4. Humango Inc 5″ Meditation Yoga Joe; £35
  5. Jason Freeny 10″ Anatomy Balloon Dog; £45
  6. 3″ KidRobot x Basquiat Face Dunny Series 2; £15
  7. 8″ KidRobot x Wendigo Toys Magenta Balloon Dunny; £60
  8. 10.5″ KidRobot x Brandt Peters Harley Quinn; £140
  9. Spanky Stokes DIY Stroll; £28
  10. 8″ Superplastic x Sket-One SuperKranky (Ultra flat Black); £115

Other brands they carry also include world famous companies such as Mighty Jaxx, Be@r Brick, Tokidoki, Hasbro, Youtooz, Sank Toys, Ron English, Quiccs and many more!

Really can’t recommend this company enough if you’re in the UK… I think it’s probably one of the best sources of designer toys in the country, so go check them out!

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