The £10 Retro Toy Collection Series Part 1

I’ll come clean right from the start! I totally stole this idea and then tweaked it to make it something I’m genuinely looking forward to!

I recently started watching a YouTuber called Retro Rick and he started a challenge for himself to see if he could build a retro computer game collection by starting with just $10. I’m not a huge gamer but do collect toys and love the idea of bring some nostalgia in to the house so changed the title to the £10 (because I’m in the UK) Retro Toy Collection Challenge.

So here are the rules!

  • I start with £10 only and can’t inject any new cash in to the pot from my own pocket.
  • To grow the collection I need to either swap or sell items specifically in that collection (I can’t take anything from my main collection).
  • These are retro toys, so whilst I won’t be super strict on it, they should all aim to be pre-2000. The majority are likely to be 80s and 90s.
  • There is no theme – any retro toy is fair game, including video consoles etc. I just want to build a collection which I genuinely like rather than just what I want to show off.
  • There is no end game / end date – let’s see where this challenge takes my collection shall we?

I really do want this to be a collection tailored to me, full of things which I want to own. However I need to have some bits to sell and trade as well, so I think a big strategy for me – to begin with at least, will be to go in to this looking for cheap job lots / bulk deals. I think that’s a smart plan for 3 reasons!

Firstly – quantity discount!

Secondly – it’s likely to contain items which I want as well as items I can sell on.

Thirdly – with job lots you’re much more likely to get a high price tag item at a good price because the seller might not know what they have or are likely to just want rid quickly. This is never more the case than when they don’t even bother to write what is in the listing (when buying somewhere like on ebay).

One more strategy is not to be put off my incomplete or damaged toys as part of these job lots. I saw a job lot of 3 complete TMNT figures (although fairly recent ones) along with 6 incomplete ones and then a stack of about 5 legs. Had they been older I would have considered this set and then cleaned up the spares… Maybe even parted out the incomplete ones, cleaning up the pieces and listing them individually for people who just need a leg or torso! All then counts back towards the toy fund!

The reason for this video is to hopefully show that with a bit of patience and determination you can build a toy collection without breaking the bank!

… That’s the hope at least!

As I said this is something I want to collect for myself, so there are a few items which are more likely to turn up in here than others, and a few specific grail items will pop up as well from time to time. A few of the things I’m particularly looking for and aiming to work my way up to are:

  • Old Tamagotchi models and other virtual pets
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures
  • A Nintendo gameboy or 2
  • Sealed POGS packets
  • Boglins
  • At least a couple of different sized Mighty Max play sets
  • The Predator Micro Machines
  • Jurassic Park action figures (maybe with a jeep)
  • Terminator action figures
  • A sealed pack of coca-cola POGS style caps
  • A selection of original trolls and something I never had as a kid but always wanted, at least 1 battle troll
  • Street sharks
  • Some old die cast coca cola trucks and the coca cola VW beetle is really cool too
  • Sealed pack of coca cola trading cards

There are a lot more and I’m sure that there will be plenty of other bits which I’ve never seen or have forgotten about, but those are particularly interesting items I’ll be keeping my eye on once I start getting that toy fund back up!

My First Find

My first find is in fact a job lot, just as I described above, and I managed to get in on eBay for £6.69 including postage. The listing looked pretty interesting to me as there was a Real Ghostbusters figure, a ThunderCats Panthero action figure and what looks like might be a transformer of some kind. I don’t know much about most of these and can’t wait for them to arrive in the next few days although I did notice afterwards that I didn’t read it properly and a few of the figures have been glued back together and so aren’t articulated any more… Rookie error!

Fast forward 4 days…

I’ve opened up this box now and for £6.69 this gives me a really nice bit of variety, including a couple of figures to start my collection, a few things to research and a bunch of bits to put back online… Let’s see if we can make a little more money and bring that fund back up!

Some notable figures from this particular box are:

  • 1985 Panthero by LJN Toys, with working arm movement using button on his back. He’s missing all his accessories though, the paint has seen much better days and his right hand has the fingers missing. At a push perhaps worth £7 or so.
  • 2005 Jakks ruthless aggression Rey Mysterio in overall good condition (needs a good clean) but missing the t-shirt and 2 extra masks which he should have come with. Worth around £4.
  • 2003 Jakks Kurt Angle in alright shape, apart from damage on the left foot. Still has his knee pads which is a good start. Might be worth about £7. One thing I have noticed is that this figure comes in a few different outfit colours but I can’t see any others with quite the same colour combo as this and I can see that it hasn’t been customised.
  • 1992 Kenner penguin (from Batman) figure which is in rough shape in terms of paint and definitely needs a good clean. It should come with some accessories but sadly this guy comes without any of those. This really has no value – maybe a pound or so but will likely go out in a new job lot.
  • 2001 Kenner Anakin Skywalker missing his fabric poncho and with a broken light sabre. Might still be worth as much as £6 but I can’t see the value myself.
  • 2003 Toy Biz X-Men X2 Cyclops figure which might be worth as much as £12 still in this condition. It will be interesting to test the electrical function with a battery. He is missing all of his accessories which includes a large gun with projectiles as well as 2 visors.
  • 2003 Jakks Deuce figure – I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who this was! This one is in real nice shape, just needs a little clean up. I’ve seen one of these sell for about £10 in this condition. He is however part of a tag team and of course they sell better together.
  • 1992 crawling army men by unknown producer, but these (even if one wasn’t missing a rifle) aren’t worth an awful lot. I think I’d be luck yo get £1 each for them. Both in working order though. There is also a wind up walking one but that has no markings on it.
  • 1987 Real Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore by Kenner as part of their super fright series. The head movement works fine but the left arm had been snapped off and glued back on so not a perfect fix! In this collection worth maybe £4 but staying in my collection for now.
  • 1992 Tyco Troll Warriors, Lars the Protector. Looks like he should have an accessory which appears to be missing. The hair has sadly also been cut right back. With the full hair would have been easily a £10 toy.

Money currently in the toy fund = £3.31

On that same day…

My Second Find

On the same day as these figures arriving I also got a second package which I had purchased just a few days after the action figures. This is a cheap item which isn’t going to earn me any money back unless I start getting doubles – but this is something I’m specifically looking for in my collection and in this pack I didn’t get any doubles.

I got myself a 10 pack of loose coca cola pogs which look absolutely amazing!

I like pogs anyway and these ones mixed with the styling of the coca cola brand just blew me away when I got them… They’re all in perfect condition too! I do really want to get some sealed bags so that I have the excitement of opening them myself too at some point, but not just yet as they cost around £5 per pack so it wouldn’t be the best way to spend my money at this point… Well that’s if I had any money left anyway! I’m down to just 6p left!

I will say that I keep calling these pogs, but they’re actually just coca cola caps – a lot of companies made their own versions of pogs. This wasn’t an official pogs release, and they are from back around 1995 and are in perfect condition considering they’re 26 year old cardboard discs!

Money currently in the toy fund = £0.06

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