Nerd News: Gold Plated Alien Merch on Zavvi

I’ve got a similar product in my collection for Fallout, and these tickets really are amazing! They’re just a really classy fancy looking addition to your collection, really adding a little bling for your favourite franchise… With Alien being the latest franchise to get the gold plated bling treatment! With no less than 2 new products available to pre-order now on Zavvi!

The first, which I have already hinted at is a replica ticket to travel on the Nostromo. These are limited to 1,979 tickets world wide, which is also the year in which this iconic movie was released. This 24 carat gold plated ticket comes boxed along with a stand if you want to display it out of the box.

Along with this ticket they also have an individually numbered, and again limited to just 1,979 world wide 24 carat gold plated ingots featuring alien artwork on both sides, as well as also coming in a box with a separate display stand should you wish to use it. These really are too nice to keep in the box!

These are priced at £24.99 for the ticket and £34.99 for the ingot, but Zavvi currently have a sale on where you can get both for just £40… So you’d be buying the ticket and getting the ingot for just a fiver!

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