Nerd News: 2nd Series of Jean-Michel Basquiat Faces Dunnies by KidRobot

KidRobot did a great job with the first series of Jean-Michel Basquiat Dunny figures which always come as a blind box figure, so they have returned with a second series focused on the faces in Basquiat’s work… These figures really are a next level kind of insanely good! Some of them are nice and simple and others are just packed with detail… I can’t decide what I like more!

The series has 12 figures which have been unveiled and printed on the boxes, along with a 13th figure which is a real mystery so please send me a picture if you’re lucky enough to get one!

They are available from selected stores, but from the KidRobot website you can buy them individually for $11.99 or in a case of 20 for $234.99 which will also include a free special Basquiat figure for the first 100 people who buy a box of 20.

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