Nerd News: Marvel Tease us with new Boba Fett Image

Ahead of what looks like will be an announcement about potentially a new Boba Fett comic book series from Marvel Comics, they teased fans of the character with some amazing new artwork on featuring a black and grey Boba Fett on a mostly red destructive background wielding a blaster and a spear x battle axe hybrid thing with the caption “Boba Fett… Nowhere to Hide”.

This artwork looks absolutely amazing and I know is getting comic book fans salivating, whilst also reminding the motion picture fans that a spin-off show called the Book of Boba Fett is on its way some time soon too. maybe a way to combine the two?

Keep an eye on tomorrow for more news and more of an idea of what this means for the character. I for one can’t wait as he is one of the absolute most iconic characters from the original trilogy – even though he really didn’t have all that much screen time. I think it was more that he was the one who introduced us to the world of the Mandalorian… and to this day he still has one of the best Star Wars helmets!

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