Justice League: the Snyder Cut Trailer Reaction

The Snyder cut of the Justice League is something which fans have been lobbying to see for years now and something which has always been kind of on the table and then off the table and then back on the table again. I think the current climate and difficulty it brings to filming new movies has helped pave the way towards this actually seeing the light. Something which it will finally do on 18th March 2021 thanks to HBO and their streaming service.

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I’m not a huge DC fan. For me their heroes are just a little less exciting than Marvel and one thing I love from marvel is their ability to seamlessly combine high octane action, awesome SFX and comedy… DC just can’t get that last aspect right. Just like the old batman tv series, their attempt at comedy just ends up looking silly.

Having said that, I do like Batman – always have done.

One thing which DC is very well suited to because it is set in such a gritty environment, is for the films to be dark. That’s where most of the Batman franchise shines. This Snyder cut of the Justice League feels like a Batman movie – it’s dark, gritty, angry and filled with explosions. The original cut felt like a poor Marvel movie – bright and light hearted but just not quite with enough personality. Having said that I’m not sure exactly how much is going to be different in this movie – it has been said that the entire tone of the film has been changed through the use of extra scenes and a lot of post production.

I have to say that from a first little look it does look a little like Snyder has just fiddled around with the brightness settings a bit.

When you dive in to the Zack Snyder bag of tricks you do come out of the other end with a sweet movie covered in a thick layer or grime and dirt where you have to sort of squint to see through the smoke and debris. I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all! And as a result I think that there is a chance that I might actually like this movie… I didn’t like the original cut much! Watchmen, 300 & Dawn of the Dead… These are good Snyder movies and from the trailer it looks like that’s the sort of vibe we’re going to get from this.

A lot of people are whining that they’ve seen a glimpse of Jared Leto’s Joker as well… Get over it! The Joker is one of the best super villains around, whether Marvel or DC or what ever else and I relish every opportunity i get to see this character on the screen. For me… I think Jared Leto actually makes a great Joker and think it’s a huge shame that he was cut so much from Suicide Squad and didn’t make an appearance in Birds of Prey.

So thank you Snyder for bringing us a bit more from this absolute maniac!

I really don’t know how different this movie can really be, and to be honest the story wasn’t that bad – it’s the same sort of premise as just about every superhero movie these days so you can’t really go wrong with that premise… But I do think that they’re going to make the movie feel a bit nicer so I am looking forward to it.

Never thought I’d say that about a movie where Ben Affleck played Batman… Oh what an absolutely awful Batman!

Here’s that original trailer by the way as it’s a few years old now – Just so that you don’t need to sit through the whole of the original cut again!

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